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Innovative and unique project has been developed
treasuring up more than 40 years experience in the ice-cream
market, both in Italy and abroad. Special attention has been given
in order to design a freezer as simple and flexible as possible, both
for the operation and maintenance.
The freezers are equipped with piston or lobe pumps.
NEW FEATURE! Now we can offer low temperature CO2 freezers is allowed to produce ice-cream mix with low temperature up to -9°C . With CO2 freezers you can get really creamier structure.


Teknofreeze 400-600-800
Teknofreeze 400-600-800

Continuous freezer Teknofreeze 400-600-800 Continuous freezer entirely made in stainless steel, with removable side panels for easy maintenance and inspection. Available in the electronic version (EL) and electromechanical version (EM).

Teknofreeze 1600
Teknofreeze 1600

Continuous freezer Teknofreeze 1600 with capacity from 400to 1.600lt/h. Available in the electromechanical version (EM) and electronic version (EL).